Lys: Do Not Worry

Aithne watched the Guttersnipe come in. The girl looked like a princess. A lady, at least. Aithne was painfully aware of her shortcomings- huddled in her old cloak, her dead-white toes peeking out of her sandals, her hair down and flyaway in an attempt to keep her ears warm... and the Guttersnipe looking like a cardinal in the snow, all brilliant reds and warmth.

There were so many more beautiful and better-dressed women in the valley... it was times like this that Aithne found it hard not to wonder if Cathair's head wasn't being turned elsewhere. Not to the Guttersnipe, of course, she being spoken for and all, but others... But then she remembered the time by the paddock and it was hard to continue thinking that way. Still, she didn't want to shame him in any way...

The Guttersnipe's question broke through her thoughts and she chastised herself. Do not worry about the body, what you shall wear... "I... I can't really say. This is only my second Sabbath here, and truth be told, I wasn't all that awake last week. I tried to pay attention, but I was so tired..." She took a sip of her cider. "What I did make sense of was very good, though. Easy to understand, but thought-provoking. But I'm afraid I was a disciple in the garden last week."

She gave the girl a wry smile. "As for a better teacher, Brothers have been so scarce in my life these past few years, any teacher is welcome." Her brow furrowed. "But I suspect teaching was not his first pursuit, was it?"

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