Lys: Good Morning

It was some time later when Aithne came out of her sleep, groggy but rested. The sun was at full strength, and between her sleep and the sun, the darkness was overcome and pushed back. Even those injured looked more hale than they had.

She rolled onto her side, intending to get up, and found Cathair lying there, asleep. He was shaven now, and looked more recognizable. He'd certainly grown up since last she saw him. Ten years had honed him into the warrior he'd always dreamed of being. Looking at him, though, she could still see the seven-year-old waving his stick around and getting himself in trouble. She chuckled at the memory.

At the sound, he stirred and opened his eyes, quickly awake and alert to danger. But then he saw her smile and relaxed. "Good morning, Gra."

She snorted. "Morning, you call it? Look at the sun, man! The day's half-gone already."

In answer he reached up and pulled her head down for a kiss. She felt herself grow warm all over- a cozy sort of warm- and she didn't resist it. He pulled away, looking inordinately pleased with himself, and she pushed him away, playfully. "And certainly not the time for that."

She looked up to where Lucretia bustled across the room. "Not the place, at least."

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