Lys: Green-Glass

Hard pressed, but, you must admit, there is one. After all, Lord Ambrosius had kept his head in it all. She loved how Cathair threw himself into everything he did, but there were times when it got him in trouble.

She turned to Master Lucius, intending to ask if he was well, but he had already risen and was starting after Lord Ambrosius. She gave him a smile as he passed, though she was not sure he saw. She was no longer his slave, and for that she would be eternally grateful, but she found herself wishing she was his servant. Shaking out of it, she chastised herself. He had gotten along very well without her before her coming, and would do the same now that she had gone.

Cathair came over and helped her up, and she thanked him with a smile.

He looked down the path to the cloister, then back to the villa. "Are you sure you want to go to the cloister?" His brow was knit with concern. While it was sweet, it made Aithne's heart sink. He would treat her like green-glass, delicate and easily shattered, and would be guarded and distant.

"Oh don't, Cathair. Please don't. I'm still Aithne... don't treat me thus." She put on a brave smile. "You see? My headache is already gone. And Cu is happy, aren't you, Cu?" The dog barked and wagged his tail merrily. "So there is nothing to worry about."

She looked towards the villa. "I imagine breakfast is ready by now. The cloister can wait for a little longer."

He seemed unwilling to let it go, but he conceded. Aithne knew the subject would be addressed again later- probably more loudly. But at least it would be addressed. They always spoke bluntly to one another. She took his arm and they walked back to the villa.

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