Lys: Guidance

Entering the atrium, Aithne found everything ready for breakfast, and some already finding places, but the Guttersnipe was nowhere to be found. It occured to her that perhaps she'd been left with the duty of waking her.

In that case... Portia, ever helpful, was just passing at the time. "Portia, can you tell me the way to Lord Ambrosius's quarters? I'm to wake the Guttersnipe and I've no idea where to go."

The girl smiled laughingly at her, but it was a laughter Aithne did not mind. With a glance at Cathair, she gave them directions and sent them on their way. Picking her way through the maze-like building, she found what she was fairly certain was the right room.

Cathair cleared his throat. "I should probably stay out here. Just in case..."

She let him trail off, and rose up on her toes to give him a peck on the cheek before disappearing through the doorway.

Aithne crept in quietly, not wishing to startle the girl. She slept so peacefully, Aithne was loath to wake her. But kneeling by the Guttersnipe's bed- or perhaps, Lord Ambrosius's bed- she put a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Guttersnipe? Guttersnipe, it's time to wake..."

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