Lys: Payment

"I do not wish to kill him. I would rather he act honorably (for once) and pay his dues. But if he will not, the law of my people calls for his death. Truth be told, I don't mind much who actually kills him. As you said, there are plenty enough ready and willing. But I want him to know what he's done and make him fulfill his duty before he goes. As the only representative- the only male representative of my clan, it is mine to demand it of him."

Anticipating a reiteration of the young Fox's words, he added, "As it is the right of the others with grievances to make their claims upon him. He has wronged many. By many he should be judged, and restitution should be made before his death.

...If for no other reason than to send him to the One God with less sin 'round his neck."

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