Lys: Plans

Cathair woke with a kink in his back. "This can't go on much longer." he said to himself. All week he'd been trying to figure out some way to establish himself somewhere. He couldn't bring himself to ask Aithne to share a stall in the barn. If he was going to marry her, it would be with a proper roof over their heads.
He kept telling himself it wasn't a matter of pride. He just wanted to provide for her. She'd gone so long without a home of her own... she didn't deserve to live in a place that made slaves' quarters seem like home sweet home. And somehow living as man and wife in a cloister did not sit well with him.

"A house. Just a house will do. Then we can work on the rest." It was half a prayer at best, but it was all he had at the moment- his head full of trying to find a way. He had the funds- just- but the time it would take to build a home, and the trouble of finding a bit of land on which to do it...

And on top of it all, it felt as though all business of the valley- all that sort of business, at least- was stopped up until the young lord was well. He could, perhaps, ask someone for advice, or even go to Lord Ambrosius, though he felt that might be bothering him with something below his notice.

Still, he was Ambrosius's man, and it was his lord's place to say what he could and could not do...

He brushed the hay off his clothes and exhaled forcefuly. That settled it. He would speak to Lord Ambrosius tomorrow. Today was the Lord's Day- no business to be enacted today. But Lord willing, by tomorrow evening he would have this settled. Smiling, he made his way outside. He'd waited over fifteen years for her. The One God had finally brought them together again, and he looked forward to the goal.


Aithne woke with the sun. Sabbath. Just over a week since they'd come to the valley. Everything had settled back to order- except for the prisoners, that is, and the wounded still hobbling about. Every so often, Cathair would move his arm the wrong way and wince ever so slightly. Aithne doubted anyone else noticed. But he was taking better care of it than she expected he would.

She swung her legs out of bed, thinking to take a short walk before breakfast. The cool stone beneath her feet made her draw them back quickly. Autumn was sending out its advance forces, no doubt about it. She pulled her father's brat around her and quickly warmed up. The One God had sent it to her just when she had most need of it. She quickly slipped in to her dress, noting how lightweight it was. It was a summer gown to begin with, and between it being secondhand and the wear and tear she'd put it through, it would be seriously lacking in a few weeks. Her other dress was not much better. And socks. I'll be needing socks soon. She thought, as she tied on her sandals.

Feet shielded against the cold, she stood and wrapped the cloak as warm as she could, securing it with the penannular Cathair had purchased for it. I could ask Cathair to buy me clothes... She could, yes, but she knew he was saving every possible coin to acquire a house for them. If there was any other way to accomplish it, she was going to find it first.

Stepping out into the frosty morning air, she decided against the cloister walk, instead making her way up to the villa kitchen. It would be warm, at least, though there would be minimal bustle today. The exertion itself warmed her, but she was still glad to come in and get something hot to drink.

No sooner had she entered than Portia came over, all a fuss about how cold she looked, and all but dragged her to the stool by the fire. Aithne laughed. "I'm just a little snake looking for a warm rock." She was grateful for the warmth on her back. "Mother used to say she sometimes thought she mis-named me. With how much I'd shiver in the winter, 'flame' didn't seem to fit."

Portia eyed her critically. "Hmm... Come to my house this afternoon. You look as though you'll be needing something warm to wear." Aithne began to protest. She couldn't take Portia's clothing! But the woman waved her off. "With the babe on the way, I'll be too big to fit in anything I have now. Besides..." she smiled knowingly. "You'll want to be at your best for your young man, I'm thinking."

Aithne blushed, but smiled back. "Thank you, Portia. You're an answer to prayer."

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