Lys: Pleased

Cathair blinked, surprised to be spoken to by the Guttersnipe. After a moment, he chuckled. "With Portia, last seen. They were off on a no-men-allowed venture. But she'll be back." he said, confidently. He knew he really shouldn't crow about it. It wasn't all about him. But it was the one thing changed about her that he actually liked- the fact that she stuck so close to him. Eventually, he figured, he might be annoyed by it, but for now, he was happy to be there when she needed him. And it looked like she was gaining her feet again...


Kneeling in the now-silent chapel, Aithne poured out her thanks to God, her smile yet to fade. It was amazing how much such a gift could mean to someone. Could mean to her.

Half an hour later, she stood and made her way to the villa. Reaching the door, she entered and saw the Guttersnipe and Cathair talking. Now there was an unexpected occurance. With a quiet general greeting to those who looked her way, she sat down next to Cathair and grinned at him.


"You seem pleased with yourself." he said, giving her a peck on the forehead. Truth be told, she looked stunning. But then, even this morning she'd been beautiful...
He picked a stray hair off her sleeve and said quietly, with a mischevious smile, "My only worry is that you'll be so warm you wont need me anymore."

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