Lys: Refuge

Aithne quietly followed the Guttersnipe. They had passed by where Aidan had fallen, though the Guttersnipe had no way of knowing. There was still a coppery brown spot to mark it, and seeing it, Aithne's heart clenched. She had to hug herself to keep her composure, fighting down tears. It would be like this for awhile, she guessed. Things would be fine, and then something would remind her and it would all come back, fresh as if it had just happened. She'd been told eventually it got less painful- like a callous growing over a wound.

She was not sure whether she wanted that or not...

By the time they arrived at the pool, she had almost recovered. Almost. The quiet beauty of it was soothing. Somehow it had remained untouched- a last place of refuge and peace.

She sat down on a mossy tuft and drew her knees to her chest, leaning back against a tree. Closing her eyes, she heaved a deep sigh, allowing the peace to wash over her, hoping for some comfort.
If she stayed still, perhaps she could keep it all at bay indefinitely.


Cathair watched her go out. His gaze lingered at the door for a moment before returning to Jason. "Soldiering and farming, you say?" He smiled. "I know my way around cattle. Aithne and I..." and here his smile faltered a moment. "I had built up a fine herd for us, before she was taken. It's all gone now, of course. Sold to pay my way across the sea and inland. But I'm as good a hand with cattle as I am with a sword."

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