Lys: Trepidation

The silence felt strange and foreign. Even so, Aithne was a long time noticing it, struggling as she was to right herself. She knew she could not keep it all down inside her forever, but the Guttersnipe was not the one to be crying to. For her sake, and for the sake of what she must discuss with her, she forced herself into some semblance of compsure. Wiping her eyes, she sniffed. "My mother... she has moved on, has another family... To her, I am long dead."

Breathing a deep, shuddering sigh, she looked over to the Guttersnipe. "I wanted to ask you about-" She broke off. The girl was staring at her as though... Aithne did not know what. But it was unnerving.

"What is it?"


Cathair thanked Jason and turned down the path. With every step, his trepidation grew worse, until he slowed and stopped not halfway there. I should have Aithne with me. he thought. I'm more likely to blunder in Latin.

"And if ever there was a time to speak carefully..." He looked around and got his bearings, marking the way to the house, then decided to go to the barn for a bit and see how things went there. Nothing like livestock to keep a man grounded...

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