Lys: Uncanny

Cathair's mind turned to the men in the hypocaust- his fellow soldiers for many months. He'd formed bonds with some of them- the kind of brotherly friendships born of battle. He wondered, how many had been just as deceived as he?

He had purposely not attempted to find out who died, who escaped, and who was taken. If his brothers were below his feet, he would be placed in a quandry. Better not to know, and speak for them when- if- the time came.

He thought about Cunorix- the great deceiver. Aithne would chastise me for calling him that. On the leash of Vortigern and thinking he was a partner in the scheme. And soon he would be dead. If Arthur did not command it, Cathair would see it done. He did not know how, exactly, but he would.

And tomorrow morning he would speak with Lord Ambrosius about a house for Aithne. It was possible to make a life here. And she deserves it- needs it. He would do everything and anything for her.


Aithne listened. There were many words spoken in low tones, and she caught many of them. None of them said much, by themselves, and even cobbled together there was little to be known.

But she knew.

Her mother had called it uncanny. Her father had called it a blessing. She had thought it a fun way to pass the time.

"An edict." she said, quietly. "An order to kill anything that seems uncanny. And we are uncanny, are we not?" she asked. She wondered if the Guttersnipe would think her swift deduction uncanny...

Now she knew what Cathair's reserve was all about. If they came after Lord Ambrosius, they would come after her next. Her, the Guttersnipe... She wondered if Vortigern would stand by and allow his own daughter to die...

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