Lys: War and Peace

Aithne gave a small, knowing smile. "Another bard, it seems. Soldier, healer, priest. There are not many these days who are that complex. There is more to him than meets even the discerning eye..."

She looked to the doorway, then back at the Guttersnipe. "I should like to tell Cathair that, if I can. I think he would have more respect for the man if he knew." Then she hastened to add, "Not that he does not respect him, but... Cathair is a man of war, and he doesn't always remember that peace isn't a feminine idea. To know that Brother Gaius was once a warrior may help."

She shivered again, and took another sip of her cider, which was just coming down from being too hot. She found, while she wasn't worried about her appearance so much anymore, the promise of warm clothes made her wish for the afternoon to come quickly.

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