Lys: Warnings

Aithne looked faintly confused as Jason left. "Lord Ambrosius's room?" She had no idea where that was. Somewhere in the villa, yes, but she'd never been beyond the atrium and the kitchen.

She didn't feel comfortable poking her head in every doorway, either. "I don't know where that is, Cathair." She rubbed her forehead. Her headache was worsening. "And...I don't feel well..."

She hoped it wasn't a portent of a seizure. She'd had rest and an apple. That should have helped matters. "Maybe we should just let her sleep a little longer. Fresh air might help me." The strong scents of alcohol and smoke were certainly not helping.

He nodded, and they went out a little behind Jason- not so close as to be following him, though. "Maybe we could go to the cloister? I am staying there. I have some feverfew in my bag- 'twill help my head."

Looking concerned, Cathair quickly assented. She pointed the way- though the cross atop the building was hard to miss- and they set off at a sedate pace. Not long after, the huge, shaggy form of Cu came bounding up, barking and wagging his tail. "Hello, Cu! I wondered where you'd got off to..." She ruffled his ears and smiled as much as her aching head would allow.

"Who, or what, is this?" Cathair asked, somewhat incredulous that she should associate with such a bedraggled, oversized creature.

"This is Cu. He's been a great help to me in the past week or so. We sort of adopted each other, you might say. He always knows when-" She broke off. Cu was whining and nosing her hands, as he usually did when she was about to seize.

"Oh no..." She looked up at Cathair, grasping his tunic in her urgency to tell him before it took her. "Cathair... don't be afraid... it's... I'll be all right..." And that was all she could manage before the lightning began.


Cathair was confused at her words. "Why should I be afrai-" Before his eyes she went limp, then rigid, both a deadweight and a trembling, twitching mess at once. Afraid he'd drop her- for she kept trying to slip from his grasp- he knelt and tightened his grip, willing her to stop. He had no idea what was going on, only that it was very, very wrong.

Cu was pacing around, whining worriedly, and that scared him even more. He looked around, wide eyed, for someone who could help. The surgeon was not far off. If anyone knew, he would.

"HELP ME!" he shouted. "She's... she's..." Cursed? Dying? "Help me!"

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