Lys: Who Cares.

"Artos?" Aithne looked towards the door. "Still in his rooms, I think. He is awake again, at least. I heard his voice as I passed the door. ...At least, I think it was his voice."

He will be well. I have lost Aidan, but you have Artos. I have lost my Da, but you have Ambrosius. But I have Cathair, at least, and you have your Jason. What a pair of opposites they are...

There was so much she wanted to tell the Guttersnipe, but she knew the girl was in no mind to hear it. She was not sure she would ever be in such a mind. For all his volatile nature, Cathair cared more, she thought.

She mentally smacked herself. And why do you expect otherwise? You, a slave of perhaps a month's acquaintance to her, and a wife to be for him. Who do you think would and would not care?

"It is time to eat, at least. And you must eat if you are to be worth anything in caring for Lord Artos."

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