Lys: The Hawk Has Flown

The Guttersnipe shied and turned white with an attempt at controlling herself, then ran off, much as Aithne often did. Poor girl. She regretted not having sought her out immediately, but she doubted she would've managed in time, anyway.

Aithne wanted to go after her, to reassure her, to comfort her in some way, but she doubted anything she could do would help. So she sat back against the warm mantlepiece and drew her knees up to her chest, bowing her head over them.

Great God, be glorified in this place.
Comfort the Guttersnipe in her lord's absence. Show me what to do, if anything.
Protect Lord Ambrosius as he journeys forth in this cold weather. Surround him with your Spirit above and below, before and behind, on the left and on the right. Though a thousand fall at his right, ten thousand on his left, do not let trouble come near your servant, Holy Father.

Encourage those left here without him. Remind us that you are Lord Over All, High King of Heaven, and that we are no less safe and loved for the absence of Lord Ambrosius...


On the hill where he worked, Cathair caught a glimpse of the man riding out. He could not say it was Ambrosius, but at the same time it could not be another. It bothered him that the man rode out alone, without anyone to see him off. It was not right for a lord to leave his people without so much as informing them of his departure. It went against every law of Cathair's people. But these are not your people. Not in that way. They grew up under another law.

The mizzle had turned to snow long since, and with the departure of the Hawk, Cathair suddenly felt compelled to return to the villa and abandon the housemaking for awhile. It did not sit well with him to leave the place undefended.

Stowing his tools in a bag, he set off for the villa.

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