Jenny: A Familiar Darkness

"It is a thing to trust God and another to tempt danger," the Guttersnipe returned a little snappishly. It was likely that those who had escaped from the fight were still at large in the surrounding countryside, and would Ambrosius' hide not be a priceless honour to take back to one's war-lord! She shivered, realized that Champion sitting on his perch had been watching her quizzically all this while, and blushed furiously.

She went on presently. "There was a Scotti raid some years ago close by, and my Lord Ambrosius came home with a wound in his leg worse than Artos', and - it was - " She swallowed, pursed her lips, and tried again. "It was a hard fight for him. He was on the brink for a long time, holding on by a thread. It was almost all that we could do to bring him back. So that I am not liking that he has gone out alone!" she ended fiercely.

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