Lys: Fighting Fear

Aithne realized she had been naive. Somehow she had trusted that the lords and companions had routed out all survivors in their capture, or else sent them far, far away. She thought they were fully safe until spring, that nothing worse than wolves could be lurking out there.

The fear was not unfounded. But it was still a sinful fear. It had already let anger into the Guttersnipe's heart, and who knew what else would wreak havoc in her before she recognized it for what it was?

The sanctity of Lord Ambrosius's room was nothing to the sanctity of the Guttersnipe's heart, and Aithne would fight for it, even if the girl would not. She crossed the room and sat down beside her, putting one arm around her and one hand on her head in a bardic gesture.

"Great Father, your glory is shown in every part of our existance. Let your name be forever praised! Father, you have not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind. Take this spirit of fear from the Guttersnipe. Fill her with your Holy power. Wrap her in your Unconditional Love, and bring peace and calm to her mind." She paused, her heart speaking words her lips could not, begging God to renew the girl.

"Drive the evil from this place, Lord. It seeks to make us believe that we are less safe without Lord Ambrosius with us, and he without us. You have said whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven. I bind it in the name of Jesus Christ. Let it be cast into the deep and not return to us.

"Grant us peace, Father. Refresh our hearts and renew our spirits.

In your Holy Son's name we ask these things. Let it be so."

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