Lys: The Lady of the Villa

Aithne nodded. "Think on things. But do not let them overwhelm you." She breathed a small laugh. Was it not but weeks ago that it was the Guttersnipe pulling her up?

She laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Guttersnipe... do not forget your place. I know what little regard you have for women, but like it or not, the women of the valley will look to you to see how they should take the news of Lord Ambroisus's departure. If you go out to breakfast looking..." she searched for a word. "Looking hunted- you, the all-but-fearless Guttersnipe- it will make them far more fearful than you are. All they will know is that their lord has left abruptly, they will not know why or to where. They will take their cue from you. Be kind to your people."

Aithne stood and offered her hand. "You don't have to come with me, but remember that you have Jason, and I, to lean on when you need it. I promise."

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