Lys: The White Creature

"I am not hungry."

"All the same you should at least come out soon..."

But the white bird in the corner of the room- the bird whom Aithne had all but forgotten, interrupted. Aithne had a moment of shock. She found she could understand Champion. She missed the words in the surprise of hearing, for the first time, the voice of a White Creature.

"I am not hungry." The Guttersnipe said again, but this time it was directed at Champion. Aithne watched as the girl railed against the bird, who sat with that curious knowing light in his eyes, but otherwise unperturbed. She did not understand- the Guttersnipe spoke Iceni- but could understand Champion's side of the conversation, and she surpressed a laugh at his calm admonishment to not fear.

"Understand what?"

The conversation continued in Latin- on the Guttersnipe's side, at least. Champion's was on another level of communication. Aithne knew it didn't matter what language one spoke, one would understand the bird and his kind. She wondered, sometimes, if God's angels did not sometimes move among them as creatures as well as men.

He was chastising her, so Aithne stayed out of it. She had prayed for the girl and had spoken to her, and it was not for her to break into Champion's speech.

Aithne retreated, unnoticed, to the doorway. She would wait, for the moment, to see if the falcon's words changed the girl's mind about coming out. If they did not, she would go out alone and leave the girl to herself. She briefly wondered if she should seek out Jason, but thought that it might be meddling more than she should.

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