Lys: Wounded Creatures

Eventually, Aithne got to her feet. The Guttersnipe had not returned, and while it was not unusual for her to go silent, Aithne had never seen the girl disappear like this. It was enough to make her deliberate on seeking her out.

She stood awhile, uncertain, weighing the good and bad, and finally decided to throw caution to the wind and look for the Guttersnipe. She may live to regret it, but if there was anything she could do...

And so Aithne quietly made her way to the girl's room. "Guttersnipe?" She peeked in, but the room was empty. There was no way they had crossed paths without noticing. Where is she? Her only other thought would, if wrong, land her in a heap of trouble if caught. She took a deep breath and rounded the corner for Lord Ambrosius's room...


Cathair arrived at the villa to find the usual bustle for breakfast and such. They do not know he's gone. he thought. It was the only possibility. He set his tool bag in a corner and went to warm himself by the fire. He would not be the one to tell the women- especially if Lucretia was there. Better to speak to one of the men as they pass. They would probably know already, anyway.

The fire felt good on his limbs- until he started tingling painfully. He had no idea he had been that cold. Pleasant scents were coming from the kitchen, and his stomach rumbled, bringing a wry smile to his face. Food and a warm fire. What else could a man wish for? A short pause, and he chuckled. Perhaps a wife? Truth be told, he wouldn't mind a little shared warmth and female attention... Where has Aithne gotten to?


Aithne tentatively poked her head in Lord Ambrosius's room- a place that gave off the same impression as a sacred grove- untouchable and dangerous to enter.
There sat the Guttersnipe, curled up in blankets and looking smaller and more vulnerable than Aithne had ever seen her. Aithne's heart went out to her, but she felt cautious. Wounded creatures were apt to strike out at helping hands. She spoke softly.


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