Jenny: Changing Lead

"Well, I can see that." Kay pause and squinted against the sharp, watered winter sun, craning his neck back to look at the tops of the surrounding hills. "It's not like we'll throw you off a rock or anything... Ease and friendliness toward foreigners, I fear, comes slow to us these days," he went on, bringing his gaze back to Cathair. "Everyone Out There who wants to get In Here probably wants to kill us and roast our own chickens over our own fires, so we tend to be a little rough around the edges when it comes to strangers and strange ways. As for Artos, he's a hard man to know, and he doesn't make it easy to be known. I know he understands your people, and his reply was deliberate." Kay shrugged. "He has undoubtedly put it from his mind now."

Bedwyr, who thought more slowly than Kay did, and said less, took a deep breath, hesitated, then finally added, "You're not in Erin, Cathair. You're in Britain, Britain which is scrabbling for all it is worth not to get pulled under in the vacuum Rome's desertion has made. If Artos - and Lord Ambrosius - ever seem harsh or...or rude to you, take into account the weight on their shoulders, and in their severity remember their mercy. You are running with us now. You are going to have to teach your horse to change its lead." He made a small smile.

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