Lys: Difficulties

Aithne's insides churned. She hated being completely ignored in her search for knowledge, but the fact that the Guttersnipe was smiling made it all but impossible to interrupt- she didn't dare put that smile in jeopardy.

The tension proved too great. She would learn her answer. It might take awhile, but it had been nagging in the back of her mind long enough that she could not leave it be anymore. Meanwhile, she took the only route she could to ensure the Guttersnipe's happiness.

She stood, and with a quiet, "Please excuse me," she left the atrium. Behind her she could hear the footsteps of Cathair and Cu following. Once away, she turned back to him. "Oh Cathair, we needn't both leave. They will think us rude. Please, I'm fine, I just need some time to myself."

But he held up a hand. "I know that. I am on a different mission." He gave her a small smile and kissed her forehead. "Do not take it too hard. Remember that we come from a world where it is all but law to answer questions- especially the questions of a bard. They have no such law. For them, as you have told me before, if there is a law it is to keep to one's self. You are a bard, Aithne- at heart if nothing else. You'll find your answers eventually."
He pressed her hand and set off in search of she knew not what. She watched him awhile, then turned aside and made her way through the now-dead garden, into the solarium. It would be warm there, and she did not think she would be bothered by anyone other than Master Lucius, whom she would not mind, if he didn't.

Cathair's words did comfort her. There were other ways to learn her answers, after all. Perhaps Gaius, who was a priest, would be able to help her understand. Or Master Lucius, who was a foreigner from the other side of the sea, and therefore would have an objective view of both sides. A mild oath passed her lips and she kicked a cushion someone had left on the floor, then plopped down on it. Yes, she was being petty. But being denied knowledge... they may as well deny her food.


Cathair cast about a bit before following the path most likely to lead him the right way. And he was right. The brothers were in the upper pasture- a good ways from the villa, for such a short time. He approached slowly and obviously, to give them time to notice his presence rather than just jogging up and invading their space. It would be hard for him to say what needed saying- even though he meant it with all his heart, it was hard for someone such as he to be humble...

He hailed them when they noticed him, and a little later he arrived. "I want to apologize for my words and actions. I should not have treated you so- it was not that long ago that we were enemies. You are companions to Lord Artos and Lord Ambrosius, and I am a foreigner among you. If you would allow me, I would like to make restitution for my actions in whatever way seems best to you."

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