Lys: Seek And Ye Shall Find

"Not at all, sir." She found herself continuing. "I do not equate it with the divine, necessarily. But was, before now, my understanding that those who did not believe the scriptual passages refering to such things had never experienced anything out of the ordinary themselves. You, on the other hand, have experinced such things as many only dream of. That is what I do not understand. I do not mean to be rude, but I am ignorant as to why such a man as yourself would have such trouble believing something that is plainly put forth in God's Word?"

She sighed. "Forgive me if I offend. But I do not understand, and when I encounter something I do not understand, I seek out the answer, to the best of my ability."

The brothers had left, and she did not like the general air about the place at the moment, but she had set her hand to the plow, and she would finish the field.

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