Lys: The Word Of The Lord

It took Cathair awhile to gather his thoughts. "You have seen?" he asked her. "When? How? How do you know it was God?"

Her face went serious, almost stern, and Cathair was reminded of her father. "When the One God speaks, Cathair deCainneach, you sit up and listen. And when He tells you to speak, you open your mouth and you speak. And when you hear His voice, there is no doubt of who is speaking- not even the slightest, smallest possibility. That is how I know, Cathair. The One God told me to tell Lord Ambrosius that death would not come to him until he is old. And I did. And now it is for me to remember and believe what I have heard."


Aithne held his gaze a little longer before he turned away. It was then that she realized the room had gone quiet again and that she had been staring down the man that was to be her husband, and not some student or little child. She dropped her own gaze, thinking on how to apologize, and whether or not an apology was necessary.

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