Lys: Strange And New

"You look as though the weight of the world rested on your shoulders alone." Cathair walked over and sat by the man. In an attempt to make Jason focus on one thing, and not the whole imposing picture, he asked, "Forgive my ignorance, but what did we just make, exactly?"

He motioned vaguely at the structure. "I mean, we have single combat in Eire, but the field does not look like this."


It was getting dark, and the men had still not exited the villa. Aithne had no inclination to go back in and face them. There would be too many questions- if not spoken, there would at least be odd looks and a formal coldness. And why shouldn't they be wary? She was wary of herself! For all she knew, she might find herself taking up a sword and dispatching Cunorix then and there. No. Best she stay out of their way until the thing was done. There would be time enough for answering questions later.

She drew her cloak over her head. Lord, your servant does not understand... why would you give me this sight?

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