Eryri: The Snowdonia area of Wales.

Arfon:  A small area in northern Wales just across from the Isle of Môn: literally "opposite Môn."

Caledonia: The territory beyond Agricola's wall.

Valentia:  The territory north of Hadrian's wall and south of Agricola's wall.

Venta (Bulgarum):  Winchester, Hampshire.

Deva: Chester, Chesire.

Aquae Sulis: Bath, Somerset; "The Waters of Sulis," a Celtic mother-goddess.

Virconium (Caer Guricon): Wroxeter, Shropshire, on the east bank of the Severn river.

Calleva (Atrebatum): Silchester, hub of the southwest-northeast road Portway and another northwest-southward road.

Corinium: Cirencester, Gloucester; second largest town in the Roman province-that-was of Britain, hub of the Fosse Way, Akman Street, and the aforementioned northwest-southward road.

Glevum: Gloucester, Gloucester; old home of the Second Augustan.

Portus Adurni: Portchester, Hampshire; a highly defensive portside fortress built during the Carausiuan Reign.

Armorica: "The Place by the Sea;" Brittany, France.

Erie: Ireland, "The Green Isle."

Britain: The White Isle, the Island of the Brave, Albion - if you can't find this on a map, I think you're on the wrong site.

Because Jenny is a nut-job...  Thank you, David Bowen, for your meteorology work; and thank you, Togodumnus, for putting this up for the world to find.

1-8 Unsettled, gales. Rather cold NW winds.
9-14 Increasing frost risk; sometimes with E wind.
15-21 Milder, changeable, rain; gales in N and W.
22-31 Unsettled, frequent rainfall; cold snap later.

1-7 Stormy but becoming milder, with sunny periods.
8-20 Coldest part of the winter, but with sunny periods.
21-end Mild, wet, stormy; SW winds.

1-5 Windy. Colder, with night frosts and snow in N.
6-17 Dry days frequent, also cold nights with frost.
18-24 Sunny spells in S and W; less settled in N.
25-31 NW winds bring sunny spells and showers.

1-8 Variable day temperatures. Nights getting colder.
9-14 A cold period, with snow at times in N and W.
15-23 Milder, changeable; sometimes a wet spell.
24-30 Sunny periods at first. Stormy and colder later.

1-8 Showers and sunny periods; some cold nights.
9-14 Short cold snap; N wind; showery.
15-21 Milder, with SW winds and sunny periods.
22-31 Often a warm, settled spell.

1-8 Variable temperatures; some thunderstorms.
9-16 Continuing thunder risk, but often very warm.
17-23 Changeable, cooler, but sunny spells.
24-30 Warm but often thundery, unsettled.

1-7 Individual hot days. Thundery periods.
8-21 Variable. Seldom settled for long. Stormy in N.
22-28 Some hot days. Thundery in S and E.
29-31 Mainly wet, with SW winds.

1-6 Close, wet, with thundery spells.
7-14 Some hot days, but occasional heavy rainstorms.
15-21 Changeable, cooler; often long sunny period.
22-31 Cool. Increasingly changeable.

1-5 Warm, with sunny periods.
6-17 Changeable, but with alternate sunny days.
18-23 A short settled period most years.
24-30 Wet, with increasing gale risk.

1-7 Stormy, cold, but short sunny periods.
8-18 Mainly mild by day. Sunny spells. Sporadic rain.
19-31 Stormy, especially end of month; becoming cooler.

1-15 Mild, with SW winds and some rainy spells.
16-24 Colder, with E wind risk and night frost.
25-30 Milder spells again; increased rain risk/gales.

1-8 Cold snap with snow on a few days; wet later.
9-16 Milder. But with some snow over high ground.
17-23 Very mixed. Some mild days in S.
24-27 Often sunny. The warmest part of the month.
28-31 Much colder, with gales. N wind brings snow.