Lys: A Scrap In Her Teeth

Aithne looked up when she heard the Guttersnipe's footsteps coming their way, and her eyes caught Lord Artos's expression. Why she should not be just as submissive to him as to Cathair, she did not know, but she couldn't let it pass. She should, she knew she should, but she couldn't. There were times when a problem arose and she simply could not let it go until she understood and solved it. And for good or bad, this was one of those times.

"Why do you not believe me, Lord Artos? You who are among those who hear the White Creatures and see the past and future? Is it so impossible in your mind that God should speak to one of his children- something we are told in the Holy Scriptures can, has, and will happen- when you know these wonders to exist?"

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