Lys: Cassandra

Aithne caught the reactions of the brothers and her hand clasped Cathair's more tightly. Bedwyr's face was not good natured, and even Kay, whom she had never seen without some variation of a smile for more than fifteen minutes together, was looking less than happy. They did not take the taunts the same way that she and Cathair meant them, and once more she felt the yawning divide between them- it was bigger than the sea, sometimes, and yet she still forgot it.

Cathair had just turned to her when the Guttersnipe entered, Champion on her shoulder. All eyes were on her for the whole of her speech. Aithne felt Cathair tense as the girl stared him down. There was an overall feel of the unknown and uncanny- two things Cathair did not face easily. She stayed where she was, between them, and tried to understand what was happening.

Had the girl had some premonition of evil befalling Lord Ambrosius? Was it not just fear, but foresight? She looked as though she was walking through a vision even now. Did she see them, or something else? The pain in her voice was palpable.

Jason called to her, trying to bring her out of whatever held her. Aithne would do the same, but it seemed as though Jason had more experience with it. She looked at Champion, hoping the bird would enlighten her some, but he gave her a blank look, the maddening look of a talking creature who has decided to pretend to be dumb. So be it. She would remain in an observer's position until needed.

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