Lys: For I Know The Plans I Have For You

"She is taking her lord's absence harder than I had thought." Aithne said quietly, to no one in particular. "But he will not die. Not for a very long time yet. I have seen and she has heard."

She smiled, and her voice returned to its normal volume, but triumphant. "The edict will fail! It may be as she says, but it will not be soon, and so the edict will fail. Eventually death comes to us all, barring the Lord's return, but he is safe this time. There is no danger of death. The Lord has promised it." She slapped her hand on the table in a 'that settles it' motion.

She turned to Cathair, to find him leaning back, looking at her with much the same expression he gave the Guttersnipe. She furrowed her brow.


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