Jenny: Looking For Bulls

Master Lucius looked round to find Domitia had deposited herself nearby. Cathair... Oh, her young man. "No, I am afraid I haven't," he confessed. "He passed through very early this morning and went out of doors, but I haven't seen him since."

He reached for a cloth to dab up the blot of ink before the acidic liquid could wear through the vellum. As he did so, the Guttersnipe entered, moving to the hearth to stoke up the fire. "Were we looking for Cathair?" she asked, pulling her hair away from the blaze. "He was talking with my Lord Ambrosius earlier. I don't know what for exactly." She dropped a log on the fire and jumped back, hands in the air, eagerly watching the wild spray of sparks. "They were talking about driving cattle and fighting; that's all I heard."

Master Lucius turned back to Domitia. "Perhaps he is up looking at the cattle, then."

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