Lys: Dreams

Aithne gasped. The gown was gorgeous. Breathtaking. Even her richest mistress had not owned something so fine.

"Beautiful..." she breathed. Somehow she managed to help the girl into it, though. It made the Guttersnipe into something radiant and soft, and again Aithne could only stand in wonder. It was a moment before she could gather herself into anything sensible. "Are you certain you want to wear this dress? Once Jason sees you in it, he'll be a puddle of jelly at your feet."

She gave the gown a critical eye. It could do with some taking up, but it seemed that the extra folds from the width of the dress just made it all the prettier.

She thought of her own damson-purple dress, hidden away in a bag under her bed. It was nothing so fancy. But she was not as fancy as the Guttersnipe, for all the girl's warrior personality.

"I don't think it will need much done with it." She knelt by the girl's feet to figure out just how much needed altering. "Will you be wed soon, then?"


Cathair gave his lord a quick bow, then headed straight for the tools and the coppice. Two boys- up to no good, by the look of them- came by, most likely attracted by the sharp tools in his hands. Remembering Lord Ambrosius's words, he asked them if they wanted to help. Soon the three of them were cutting away at the young wood, creating a pile with which to weave the wall pieces. Later, when the boys had gone off to supper, he would stake out the house boundaries. But now he took help while he could get it.

The three got along very well. For a few moments, Cathair thought of what might be, in the future- working alongside his sons to build on to the house, making room for their large family...

He nicked his finger on the edge of the saw and laughed wryly. No daydreaming while working.

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