Jenny: No Angel, There Is Blood In Her Cheeks

"Kay, if you please," said Ambrosius, rolling his whip back up around his fist. The Guttersnipe barely heard him through the drumming of blood in her ears. It must have been the same for Artos - they had both jumped at once: the uprush of darkness on their vision, lashed with a red sort of light and, as though it were happening already, the fractal image of Calidus springing with the knife. She had felt a panic where he had gone on the defense. She had never seen such an image before, and it took her a moment to smooth her feathers.

Across the room she caught the eye of the fair enemy warrior, watching her closely, the eyes two black-rimmed slits of mocking ice. He had seen her moment of disarming. Her cheeks flamed. She tipped up her chin, dropping her eyes to where Kay was hauling the fallen body over his shoulder and striding from the room with it, refusing to look back into the warrior's taunting face.

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