Lys: Missing, Again

Aithne left the room, the dress having been put back in the trunk for the time being. She was determined to find Cathair before breakfast. He'd said he would meet her here...

She hunted through the whole villa, calling his name. She was less frantic than the last time she'd done such a thing, but her wish to see him made her impatient. "Cathair?" Where has he got to now? Was his business yet to be completed? Whatever could he have that would take all this time, and make him skip breakfast?

She stood in the atrium, at a loss, trying to figure out whether to stay and wait for him or start searching the valley. She chaffed at the idea of waiting, but she'd easily miss him with such a large search area...


Cathair was in a rhythm, enjoying his work and enjoying how well it was going. He paced out a good-sized home- not too fancy or large, for he wanted it done quickly, but not a small little cattleman's lean-to, either. He would need some proper wood for a box bed, table, and benches. I'll have to remember to ask after that later. For the meantime, he set to work building the wattle panels, which would later be set in place and secured together into walls.

He smiled. He'd done this once before, and it hadn't taken very long. It was in better weather, yes, but his waiting was taking on a more concrete end, and he was becoming giddy at the thought of it.

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