Lys: Helpmeet

Aithne sighed. It seemed she never felt more content than when she was in Cathair's arms. She wished they could stay like this longer, but her practical side was starting to win through, annoyingly.

"I suppose we should get back to work..." she murmured, not moving from her place. Cathair tightened his arms in a last hug before pulling away. "Yes, we should," he said. "I'm determined to get this house finished as soon as possible, and I'm sure you-"

"Feel the same? Is ea. Tell me what to do and I'll help."

Cathair gave her a wry smile. "I was going to say, I'm sure you have some women's work to do- mending or cooking. It seems you're always busy at something."

She lifted her chin. "Sure, and I do, but I'd rather be here, working alongside my anmchara."

His smile softened and he kissed her forehead. "So be it, then. Here. Hold this upright for me..."

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