Lys: To Work

Cathair jumped slightly when Jason called his name. This is new. And perhaps a bit of a demoralizer for Cunorix and his men. One of his own helping to arrange his death.

He strode forward, more than ready, then paused and turned back to Aithne. She'd been looking a little green earlier...

"Go, muirnait. I'll be fine." She smiled at him, and he set off after Jason, eager to help the man. He may not be able to strike the killing blow, but he had something to do.


Aithne watched him go. Her Cathair. Somehow sending him off thus, even just to go outside, made her feel warm and proud.

But a moment later she shook herself. There was more work than that to be done. The puddle on the floor, for instance. That would only get nastier as it sat. Let the other men see how short a time Calidus's stench is allowed to be remembered.

With some regard for her clothing, she retrieved the necessary items from the kitchen and began cleaning up the mess. She hoped, as it was still wet, that it would come up without much scrubbing. She could not scrub in these clothes. She could clean, however, and that she would do.

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