Lys: Cold

Aithne sniffed for what was probably the thirtieth time. The rain had settled into a simple cloudiness and wind, which blew the rain down from the trees. Though she had her cloak up over her head, the wind still blew in, and her ears had gone numb. But she doggedly pressed on. The sooner the house was done, the sooner she could get out of the cold, dark cloister room. She coughed into her cloak, trying to mask it.

Cathair turned to her, concerned. "You shouldn't be out here in this cold. What was I thinking?"

She started to protest, but he stopped her. "No. I'm taking you back to the villa right now. It's near suppertime anyway. But you're getting inside by the fire with something warm to drink. I don't want you getting sick."

She could see, behind his eyes, that he was a lot more worried than he let on. "Don't worry, Cathair. My fits do not make me more susceptible to other illnesses." She kissed him on the cheek. "But I'll go back with you."

Truth be told, her ears were beginning to ache. She was not looking forward to what would happen when she warmed up...

They secured everything for the night and walked down to the villa, entering quietly. Cathair gently but firmly steered her towards the fire and had her sit. She did so, grateful for the warmth.

Holding out her hands to the flame, the warmth and light made her sneeze- hard. "A-choo!"

With it came the first wave of ache in her ears. She groaned and put her hands up to cover them. Why had she not put on a kerchief before going out?

Because you wanted to see Cathair.

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