Lys: God Has A Sense Of Humor

Aithne was up and eating supper before everyone had gone, but she stayed quiet for most of the time, listening to what little conversation there was. She caught an undercurrent- or at least, she thought she did- of something much less happy than the outward discussion, but she didn't have the energy to devote to pulling it out, nor was she certain she wanted to. Some things were best left hidden for a time.

She and Cathair gave their goodnights before walking back to the cloister. It had become a habit- Cathair walking her to her door, then going to his own bed. Sometimes he stayed awhile and they talked, other times he did not. Aithne guessed this time might be the latter. They all seemed more tired than they should be. She took the offered arm and was content to walk with him in the nippy air, cozy in her woolen dress and cloak.

They arrived at her door too soon. She was starting to be discontent with their habit- her room felt suddenly too dark and too cold. He opened her door for her, but instead of going inside, she curled into his arms. "Do I have to, Cathair? Must I?"

Cathair wrapped his arms around her. He didn't want to leave her here, either. Somehow the thought of her here and himself down the road in the barn, so far off, did not sit well with him. He leaned down and kissed her gently. "Do you have an extra rug or two?"

Her eyes widened and she nodded, going to fetch them in the same instant. She came back with them, holding them up and looking like a child eager to please him. He took the rugs with a smile, kissing her on the nose. "I'll sleep outside the door tonight. If you need me, I'll be right here."

Her face fell, as he expected it would. "I'd love nothing more than to sleep in there, with you, but we must not mislead, eh?"

Aithne nodded. He didn't know, of course. How could he? How was he to know the last person to sleep at her door was the young boy who died at his hand?

"And you'll have Cu inside with you, of course."

He was trying to placate her now. As if Cu was any substitute for him. "Yes, I know, but Cu isn't you." She tried to go back into his arms, but he held her back. "Time for bed, Aithne. I'll still be here when you wake."

With a sigh, she nodded. He kissed her on the forehead and closed the door, and she obediently went to bed. Christos, must this continue? she prayed. I'm tired of being alone in the dark.

Heh. You are never alone.

She made a wry face. Yes, I know. But you're not warm and cozy and snugglable.

Cu chose that moment to jump up in bed with her. Haha, God. Not exactly what I had in mind...

Anyone who said the One God was stodgy and humorless was greatly misinformed.

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