Lys: Setting Things Aright

Cathair jumped up and ran off suddenly, leaving Aithne confused, until he came back cradling a small cup of water in his hand, walking as fast as he could without spilling it. She smiled when he offered it- he looked like a pup eager to please.

She rinsed her mouth out thoroughly, but only sipped at the water. "I'm sorry, Cathair... I-" She set the cup down quickly, sloshing some of the water out. "The Guttersnipe! Oh-" Shoving the cup in Cathair's hand, she stood quickly- and regretted it. Her head spun, but she closed her eyes and steadied herself by holding on to Cathair's shoulder a moment. Once righted, she returned inside, hoping to find the girl and apologize.

She found her standing with Jason, and that gave her pause. Memories of how he'd been the last time she upset the Guttersnipe rushed to the forefront of her mind. She approached slowly, with trepidation. "Guttersnipe... I'm..." She laid a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Thank you for trying to help. I didn't want to run away, but... well, it was either that or ruin everyone else's appetite.

"You're a wonderful friend- please don't be upset." A corner of her mouth turned up. "I would've pushed my own mother away, then. Cathair can tell you- I did the same to him a little while ago."

"She did."

Aithne jumped and turned to see that Cathair had come up behind her while she wasn't looking. "It seemed we chose the one time Aithne is not open to affection."

Aithne's eyes widened and she shrank back a bit, blushing and shocked. "Cathair! You make me sound like- like-" He took her in his arms and kissed her forehead. "Oh shush. You know what I meant."

Yes, she knew. But it didn't stop her from turning beet-red.

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