Jenny: Stocktaking

"A house, for yourself and Domitia." Ambrosius turned from the window to face the young man. Champion climbed down to his crooked forearm, looking away so as not to unnerve Cathair. Ambrosius stroked the Bird's head. "Houses are easy and cheap to build, and we have folk enough willing to help you start a home. What sort of farming labour were you thinking of?"

The young Erin-man was big, a bit coarse and stocky, but he had a strong chest and limbs toned for hard work. He could throw a bull, Ambrosius thought, if he got the right angle. The potential torque of those arms was impressive. The old Roman style sword would be too small for those fists. Throwing axe and Tyr-blades were more his way. The man might not have any great speed, but he was a dogged sort, capable of thrusting in the plough and sticking it to the end. Like Artos' Companions, he had the look of one to whom soldiering and farming came equally as easily.

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