Jenny: Two Wolves

Master Lucius hastily swept up his tablet. It appeared they were going to be adjourning to the out-of-doors presently. The impression tablets were wonderful for field-work: he could write down his thoughts in ink later.

Wulf approached, present whenever he was needed, holding a cloak. "It's cold and windy out," he said in earthy grumbles. "It's ungood for your health."

The manservant was probably right, Master Lucius reflected as he dug through his leather pouch for his stylus. But history was being made here. "History is being made here, Wulf," he said forcefully. "History. I'm not staying inside because it's damp and chilly. Damp and chilly! If you waited to see history until this place ceased to be damp and chilly, Wulf, the Lord Jesus will be back and history will be done and gone. Ah, thank you."

He fussed with the brooch at his throat while Wulf, patiently nodding in an understanding sort of way, took the tablet from him and held the stylus gingerly in one huge paw. In the background of his awareness he knew Cunorix's men, who were still bound at the wrists, where being pushed farther back to the edges of the room, out of the way, and Jason was hopping off his stool to fetch old Hunno and Buic to help lay out the fighting area. He called on Cathair for help as he passed, and the two vanished into the night. The Guttersnipe, looking very small and sharp, stood by her Lord Ambrosius as if to take reassurance from his presence. Ambrosius himself seemed not in the least perturbed, though Artos was watching Cunorix's pretty girlish eyes with frank distrust. Ambrosius and Cunorix did not need to look at each other. The Lord of Eryri actually had his back to the warrior as he took his sword from the Guttersnipe, who had fetched it, and Cunorix was idly watching what was being done to his fellows. But they were looking at each other, all the same. Master Lucius knew that the moment they had laid the wager between themselves, they had not taken their eyes off each other.

This was history worth writing about!

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