Lys: Unexpected Physician

Cathair watched the Guttersnipe hand Aithne the brew. His eyes narrowed. Yes, she had approved him, yes, she had Aithne's best interest at heart, but he wondered if she knew what she was doing. It was her man that was the doctor, not she.

"Shouldn't Jason..."

But Aithne put a hand on his arm and addressed the Guttersnipe. "Thank you. Exactly what I would've done, myself." With no further thought, she gulped it down like a warrior after battle. Swallowing, she shuddered, shaking her head against the bitterness. She took the wine at a slower pace, but he could tell she was thankful for it.

He looked at the girl and nodded his assent. "Thank you, then. And... thank you for caring for her when I could not."


Aithne was still doing her best to rid herself of the taste of tansy, but she was happy to hear Cathair speaking so openly to the Guttersnipe. The two had had an air of friction between them since they met, but now she wondered if it might not be changing...

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