Lys: Future Plans

"Nonsense. I've been sewing since I was knee-high to a pony." All the same, she was doubly careful as she made her way around the hem. When she'd finished, she gathered up the extra pieces and brushed stray threads off the floor.

"Sometimes I wonder if Cathair and I will ever be married." she said, only realizing afterward that she'd said it aloud. Well, it was out now, so she might as well continue. "He won't even truly ask me until he has a place for us to live. I know him." She sighed. "With the bad weather coming, he'll probably have to wait for spring, and by then he'll be heading out to do battle for Lord Ambrosius. He's been very careful to not bring it up, but I know. It's who he is. I couldn't keep him back for anything, and I think I just might love him less if I could talk him out of it.

"Perhap's we're meant to be apart."

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