Lys: Supper

The last shirt was done just as the supper bustle began- not that there was much of it. Still, there was food to be brought to the tables and places to be sat in.

Aithne stored her work away where it would not be knocked over or stepped on, and joined in getting things ready. She looked around for Cathair, but he wasn't anywhere to be seen. He should be back by now... she thought.

Determined not to worry, she concentrated on her work, telling herself he'd be back when he was hungry. She'd never known him to miss a meal. If they finished supper and he hadn't yet returned, then she'd worry.


The sun was setting before Cathair realized it. He'd been walking in the woods for what he supposed was at least half an hour, and he suddenly realized he was out of any trail or run that might be nearby. But with the sun setting, he did at least have some bearings on his direction. And he knew roughly which direction he'd come from. So he set his back to the sun and started walking, knowing he'd hit on something soon enough.

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