Lys: Things To Do

Cathair woke early, a familiar kink in his back and neck. He sat up and stretched them back into place with a satisfying series of pops. He was just finishing folding the blankets when Aithne poked her head out the door.

"Good morning, muirnait." he greeted her. She blinked bleary eyes up at him and stretched like a cat- a gesture that was somehow both alluring and adorable. "Hm'morning." she mumbled, yawning.

Planting a kiss on her forehead, he handed her the blankets. "Here. Get yourself dressed and I'll see you at the villa. I have some business to handle this morning."

She took the blankets and nodded, her brow wrinkled in a slightly confused look. He gave her another kiss and set off for the villa.

He needed to talk to Lord Ambrosius.


Aithne had heard movement outside and gone to see if Cathair was awake. She hadn't expected him to be awake, up, and ready to move out. She only half processed what he said, and when she turned back inside, her bed looked extremely inviting. She sat down to put on her shoes and thought, Just a few more minutes. I'll just lay my head down for a little longer...

Before a full minute had passed, she was sound asleep again.

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