Lys: Awen

Aithne took a deep breath, then sat down on the ground, resting her back against the building. She was at peace, yes, but the experience left her shaken. She'd never done that before- never seen such things, never said such things. Her father had done them, though. Well she remembered him turning into something so unlike her da, fierce and terrible, with the power of God in his mouth. She'd seen massive warriors quake in fear when the Word moved him.

And now she had done it- without thinking, without trying- she opened her mouth and the words sprang to her tongue and would not be held back. She took another deep breath and exhaled.

Should I go to Cathair? She felt the need to speak to someone, but she didn't wish to interrupt him in his work- not now, anyway. It was rare he was called to work with the Companions, and she wouldn't dare interrupt that moment.

"Thank you for sitting with me, Cu. You're a great help to me."

In answer, Cu readjusted and put his massive head in her lap, looking up at her with soulful eyes.

And thank you, God, for sending him to me.

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