Lys: Small Changes

"We drive cattle. Our home-work is with horses, breeding and training them for war, but we raise cattle as well as stock to sell. We deal in just about any animal, but chiefly horses and cattle; the sheep we raise down in the cotswolds on tenant lands... But if it is cattle work you are interested in, I can give you that - and iron-work too, when the marching season comes around, if you care for that sort of thing."

Cathair nodded. "I know the work well." The corner of his lip turned up. That is, if Aithne will manage to let me go... "Cattle, then. And later the march -And whatever else you require." He bowed, wondering if a bardic salute wouldn't me more appropriate for this man.

"And... er..." He had a feeling the audience was over, but he needed to ask. He didn't want to wait any longer than he had to. "When may I start building?"


Aithne looked up, surprised at the Guttersnipe's words. The Guttersnipe wanted her help. Her help. And with a dress, of all things...

"Sure." she said, setting aside the cup of apple cider in her hand. "I have plenty of time." She smiled at the girl's awkwardness. Here was a place- one small place among so many large ones- a place where Aithne was the confident one, where she was able to guide the Guttersnipe, instead of the other way around. And she was almost giddy at the chance to help the girl.

"Where to?"

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