Lys: A Portent

"I had a good herd of cattle, back home. But wherever you need me most, sir."

He knew cattle best, but he also knew Aithne would want to be close to the villa. Leaving it to Ambrosius would mean they'd both accept the appointment with relative ease.

He was happy to know that a house was so easy a thing. If he could just have a good roof overhead, the rest would come.


Aithne woke the second time to hear a raven making a ruckus at her window. Much more awake than last time, she looked out and said, "Well, there's a portent. But for good or bad, I wonder?"
Regardless, something big was going to happen today. She hoped it was good. They'd had enough big bad things happening.

She quickly dressed, blessing Portia and thanking God for her warm shoes, and made her way to the villa kitchen. Judging by the height of the sun, she was probably too late to help make breakfast. She might've even been too late for breakfast itself...

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