Lys: Revulsion

Aithne watched them bring in the first prisioner. Her eyes widened when she saw him. Calidus! She shrank back a bit, coming up against Cathair's bulk.

He put a concerned hand on her shoulder and she felt a little braver. "He almost killed the Guttersnipe two months ago." she whispered to him.


Ah. That explains some things. Why the Guttersnipe's normally cold demeanor was now making Nordic ice seem like a campfire, for instance.

The man looked sullen and angry. And there was a certain quality about him that Cathair found utterly repulsive. He didn't remember coming across the man in the long march here. But if he'd been with the Guttersnipe, they must've picked him up at Vortigern's rath.

His grip tightened reassuringly on Aithne's shoulder.

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