Lys: Arrogance

Cunorix! Cathair's blood boiled that the man would be given a fighting chance. For a moment he wished he was a less honorable man with a less honorable lord. His dagger would be resting in the mercenary's heart right now if it were so.

The man was full of arrogance. He knew what they were capable of, and knew the ways in which they would hold back. He danced along the line, never going too far, knowing so long as he kept to his side, they would hold back their power.

How I ever thought he was worthy of allegience...


Aithne's resolve hardened as she listened to Cunorix taunt her lord. This was the man who'd orchestrated the complete destruction of her family- who'd pitted tribe against tribe, simply to fuel his own ends. And looking at him now, Aithne was not entirely certain it wasn't just for his amusement.

She thought she not only could, but would want to see this man die. Oh dear God, forgive me. Your will be done.

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