Jenny: Atlas Shrugged

The Guttersnipe shook her head. Putting her knife away, she thrust out her hand to help Domitia back to her feet. "No harm was done," she assured her.

It was a little embarrassing to realize that the strain was obvious. Her initial instinct was to recoil inside herself like a turtle, to look away at the farther thing on the horizon, to dodge the girl and, while she meant no offense, close up herself against the other's probing. But she had come within an inch of spilling the girl's lifeblood down the stream, and Domitia deserved some comfort.

Comfort. She gave a husky laugh. Comfort Domitia, who was trying to comfort you.

She quirked the other a smile. "I'm afraid carrying the weight of the world is our fate, Domitia. I'm sorry if I've been cross and distant toward you..." She broke off a moment, for her colt had flung up his head suddenly, testing the wind, listening. It was only for a moment, then he went back to grazing. "...I'll be better once I've got us home again."

She mounted the rock again, pulling Domitia sopping wet up behind her. "Best wring out," she said. She stood over the water and put up her hair, as she had meant to and tied it off with the leather thong. At the periphery of her vision, she saw her colt stamp and jerk his head.

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