Lys: Nearly Home

Circumstances swirled around her again. Aithne obediently gathered her things, stealing glances at the Guttersnipe now and then. She looked down at her own clothing and could not help but be a little bit jealous- she looked travel worn and shabby. Pushing her hair out of her face, she found bits of twigs and dead leaves all through.

She sighed, then turned to help Master Lucius mount his horse, then mounted her own- she had become rather proficient over the journey, and had not been tied to her horse in a while. Cu had become quite good at predicting her episodes, and so she was able to truly ride.

As she trailed along, just slightly behind Master Lucius, she contemplated the morning's happenings. We are close, she thought. We're nearly there, I know it.

The Guttersnipe would not wear such a beautiful thing on a lark. She was expecting to meet her Jason today.

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